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Zenability  :  I am Affirmations

I am Affirmations

I am affirmations. Simple and positive words of affirmation and inspiration. Be reminded of your affirmation with our shirts, caps, stickers, buttons, mugs, magnets and more. Click on the images or words to see our products with that design.


I am abundant
I am adventurous
I am beautiful
I am better
I am bright
I am calm
I am capable
I am caring
I am confident
I am courageous
I am creative
I am enjoyable
I am enlightened
I am enough
I am eternal
I am flexible
I am forgiven
I am forgiveness
    I am forgiving
I am friendly
I am fun
I am giving
I am god
I am gracious
I am growing
I am growth
I am handsome
I am happy
I am healing
I am healthy
I am heartful
I am honest
I am hope
I am hopeful
I am insightful
I am inspired
    I am intelligent
I am joyful
I am kind
I am loving
I am loyal
I am patient
I am peaceful
I am playful
I am pretty
I am quick
I am quick
I am quiet
I am relaxed
I am respectful
I am responsible
I am serene
I am simple
I am smart
    I am spirit
I am strength
I am strong
I am successful
I am thankful
I am trustworthy
I am truthful
I am vital
I am well
I am wisdom
I am wise
I am zenful

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